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Control and Cybernetics
EN This paper presents the merging of two sets of experiments in the continuing endeavor to mine epileptiform activity from Electroencephalograms (EEG). The goal is to develop robust classification rules for identifying epileptiform activity in the human brain. We present advancements using the author'[...]
Autobusy : technika, eksploatacja, systemy transportowe
2013 R. 14, nr 3 1269-1273
PL W pracy przedstawiony został projekt urządzenia sortującego obiekty na podstawie ich kształtu. Proces sortowania odbywa się z wykorzystaniem wybranych transformacji całkowych, tutaj z wykorzystaniem transformacji Fouriera. Urządzenie sterowane jest z wykorzystaniem systemu ekspertowego.
EN There is presented object sorting system in the paper. System is working on the base of shapes recognition. Sorting process is taking place with use of integral transformations, here with help of Fourier transforms. The device is controlled with help of expert system.
International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering
EN A dynamical two-dimensional problem of thermoelasticity has been considered to investigate the disturbance due to mechanical (horizontal or vertical) force and thermal source in a homogeneous, thermally conducting orthorhombic material. The Fourier transforms are applied to basic equations to fonn a[...]
Computer Methods in Materials Science
PL W procesie modelowania obiektów przemysłowych często napotyka się na trudności związane ze specyfikacją i sposobem akwizycji danych opisujących rzeczywisty obiekt. Rejestrowane dane są zaszumione oraz często niekompletne. Również nie wszystkie istotne parametry mogą być rejestrowane. Filtrowanie dan[...]
EN The data sets, which describe the parameters of any real industrial process, are usually noisy and often not complete. Moreover, the analysis of the data sets is complicated because of the measurement noise of different kinds. The filtering process of the data with the imposed noise is a complex pro[...]
Demonstratio Mathematica. Warsaw Technical University Institute of Mathematics
EN Let G be a metrizable locally compact Abelian group with dual group G. [...] denotes the vector space of all complex-valued functions in L1 (G) whose Fourier transforms [...] belong to LP(G). Research on the spaces Ap(G) was initiated by Warner in [14] and Larsen, Liu and Wang in [7], Martin and Yap[...]
International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering
EN The analytic expressions for the displacements, microrotation, stresses and temperature distribution on the free surface of a micropolar thermoelastic medium possessing cubic symmetry as a result of time harmonic inclined load have been obtained. The inclined load is assumed to be a linear combinati[...]
Przegląd Geodezyjny
PL Autor przedstawia modele matematyczne szczególnego typu ciągu obserwacji. Wybrano dwa szeregi trygonometryczne Fouriera i po odpowiedniej parametryzacji nazwano je „ostrym sinusem Fouriera” Fsin i „ostrym cosinusem Fouriera” Fcos. Algorytmy oparte na tych funkcjach zostały poddane testom numerycznym[...]
EN The author presents mathematical models of observation series of a special type. Two trigonometric Fourier series have been selected. After relevant parametrisation they were called "the sharp Fourier sine" and "the sharp Fourier cosine". Algorithms based on those functions were then numerically tes[...]
Systems Science
EN A numerical synthesis method of continuous control systems having few internal loops is proposed. Every loop may contain the correcting devices both in the direct channel and in the feedback circuit. The basis of the method is a real integral transform allowing writing the synthesis equation in the [...]
Image Processing & Communications
EN A discrete two-dimensional Fourier transform is presented, based on quaternion numbers (a generalisation of the complex numbers with three imaginary components). This transform allows a colour image in, say, RGB format, to be transformed as a whole, rather than as separate color components. Quaterni[...]
Archives of Mechanics
EN The article reports on a methodology to synthesize the response of orthotropic micropolar half-space subjected to concentrated and distributed loads. The disturbance due to normal and tangential loads are investigated by employing the eigenvalue approach. The integral transforms have been inverted b[...]
International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering
2018 Vol. 23, no. 4 897--910
EN This paper deals with deformation in homogeneous, thermally conducting, single-crystal orthotropic twins, bounded symmetrically along a plane containing only one common crystallographic axis. The Fourier transforms technique is applied to basic equations to form a vector matrix differential equation[...]
Archives of Mechanics
EN The electroelastic response of a penny-shaped crack in a piezoelectric cylinder of finite radius is investigated in this study. Fourier and Hankel transforms are used to reduce the problem to the solution of a pair of dual integral equations. They are then reduced to a Fredholm integral equation of [...]
Elektronika : konstrukcje, technologie, zastosowania
PL W pracy zaprezentowano wstępne wyniki prac związanych z wykorzystaniem mikroskopii Shear Force do diagnostyki powierzchni. W metodzie tej ostrze skanujące wprawiane jest w drgania równolegle do powierzchni w częstotliwością bliską rezonansu, a następnie mierzona jest amplituda tych oscylacji w celu [...]
EN The Shear Force Microscopy (SHFM) and some preliminary results of the surface measurements are presented. In this technique the tip oscillates laterally to the surface near one of its resonant frequencies and the tip's oscillation amplitude is measured in order to estimate the tip-sample distance. I[...]
Physics for Economy
PL Na podstawie istniejącego opisu optycznej propagacji niekoherentnych pól falowych z zastosowaniem transformacji Fouriera udowodniono teoretycznie nieistnienie zjawiska samoobrazowania dla niekoherentnych obrazów.
EN The existing description of incoherent wave field propagation in terms of Fourier transformation has made possible to prove non-existence of the self-imaging phenomenon for incoherent images.
Archives of Mechanics
EN The theory for dielectric materials is applied to solve the planar problem of a Griffith crack in an infinite isotropic dielectric body subjected to a far-field tension and a uniform electric field. Fourier transforms are used to reduce the mixed boundary value problem to two simultaneous dual integ[...]
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