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Applied Computer Science
EN Intermittent demand occurs randomly with changing values and a lot of periods having zero demand. Ad hoc intermittent demand forecasting techniques have been developed which take special intermittent demand characteristics into account. Besides traditional techniques and specialized methods, data mi[...]
Logistics and Transport
EN The paper discusses the problem of forecasting lumpy demand which is typical for spare parts. Several prediction methods are presented in the article – traditional techniques based on time series and advanced methods that use Artificial Intelligence tools. The research conducted in the paper focuses[...]
Journal of Applied Computer Science
EN Assembler Encoding represents Artificial Neural Network in the form of a simple program called Assembler Encoding Program. The task of Assembler Encoding Program is to create the so-called Network Definition Matrix maintaining all the information necessary to construct a neural network. To generate [...]
Schedae Informaticae
2016 Vol. 25 189--207
EN This article addresses the Computer Aided Diagnosis (CAD) of melanoma pigmented skin cancer. We present back-propagated Artificial Neural Network (ANN) classifiers discriminating dermoscopic skin lesion images into two classes: malignant melanoma and dysplastic nevus. Features used for our classific[...]
Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Technical Sciences
2017 Vol. 65, nr 4 553--559
EN Nowadays, finishing operation in hardened steel parts which have wide industrial applications is done by hard turning. Cubic boron nitride (CBN) inserts, which are expensive, are used for hard turning. The cheaper coated carbide tool is seen as a substitute for CBN inserts in the hardness range (45–[...]
Prace Naukowe Politechniki Warszawskiej. Elektronika
2002 z. 139 147--161
EN The chapter investigates the application of the new metaheuristic called the population learning algorithm (PLA) to training feed-forward artificial neural networks. This chapter introduces the population learning algorithm and proposes several implementations developed with a view to training sever[...]
Automatyka, Elektryka, Zakłócenia
PL W artykule przedstawiono próbę wykorzystania sztucznej sieci neuronowej (ang. Artificial Neural Network - ANN) do badania zjawiska churn wśród klientów operatora telekomunikacyjnego. Podjęto wysiłek stworzenia modelu danych opartego na całkowitej wartości klienta (ang. Customer Lifetime Value - CLV)[...]
EN This paper presents an attempt to use an artificial neural network to investigate the chum phenomenon among the customers of a telecommunications operator. An attempt was made to create a data model based on the customer lifetime value (CLV) rather than on activity alone. A multilayered artificial n[...]
Acta Geophysica
2019 Vol. 67, no. 1 231--246
EN The objective of this short communication is to investigate the interactive effects of CIF, suction and volumetric water content (VWC) on infiltration rate for compacted soil–biochar (BC) composites (0%, 5% and 10%). The biochar was produced from an invasive weed Eichhornia crassipes. Soil parameter[...]
Acta Geophysica
2019 Vol. 67, no. 3 891--903
EN Saturated hydraulic conductivity (Ks) describes the water movement through saturated porous media. The hydraulic conductivity of streambed varies spatially owing to the variations in sediment distribution profiles all along the course of the stream. The artificial intelligence (AI) based spatial mod[...]
Computer Methods in Materials Science
PL W artykule opisano efektywność modelu opartego o sieć neuronową wstecznej propagacji, który przewiduje mikrotwardość stali nierdzewnej AISI 304 poddanej implantacji jonowej plazmowym zanurzeniem w różnych temperaturach pomiędzy 350 i 500°C. Sztuczna sieć neuronowa (SNN) stwarza możliwość ograniczeni[...]
EN This paper reports on the effectiveness of a back-propagation artificial neural network model that predicts the micro-hardness of 304 austenitic stainless steel samples which have been implanted with nitrogen using plasma immersion ion implantation (PIH) at different temperatures between 350 and 500[...]
Archives of Acoustics
2016 Vol. 41, No. 3 559--571
EN A gear system transmits power by means of meshing gear teeth and is conceptually simple and effective in power transmission. Thus typical applications include electric utilities, ships, helicopters, and many other industrial applications. Monitoring the condition of large gearboxes in industries has[...]
Archives of Acoustics
EN In this study, an artificial neural network application was performed to tell if 18 plates of the same material in different shapes and sizes were cracked or not. The cracks in the cracked plates were of different depth and sizes and were non-identical deformations. This ANN model was developed to d[...]
Archives of Metallurgy and Materials
2019 Vol. 64, iss. 3 1163--1173
EN The computational intelligence tool has major contribution to analyse the properties of materials without much experimentation. The B4 C particles are used to improve the quality of the strength of materials. With respect to the percentage of these particles used in the micro and nano, co[...]
Central European Journal of Energetic Materials
EN The density of an energetic compound is an essential parameter for the assessment of its performance. A simple method based on quantitative structure-property relationship (QSPR) has been developed to give an accurate prediction of the crystal density of more than 170 polynitroarenes, polynitroheter[...]
Przegląd Elektrotechniczny
2012 R. 88, nr 3b 116-121
PL W artykule zaprezentowano ulepszony układ śledzenia maksymalnej mocy w systemie fotowoltaicznym. Zastosowano sieć neuronową i klasyczny algorytm P&O. Sieć neuronowa w sprzężeniu zwrotnym ma cztery wejścia: promieniowanie słoneczne, temperatura otoczenia i współczynniki temperaturowe Isc i Voc. Wyjśc[...]
EN This paper presents an improved maximum power point tracking (MPPT) controller for PV systems. An Artificial Neural Network and the classical P&O algorithm were employed to achieve this objective. MATLAB models for a neural network, PV module, and the classical P&O algorithm are developed. However, [...]
Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Research
2013 Vol. 3, No. 4 243--250
EN Prompt and proper management of healthcare waste is critical to minimize the negative impact on the environment. Improving the prediction accuracy of the healthcare waste generated in hospitals is essential and advantageous in effective waste management. This study aims at developing a model to pred[...]
Measurement Automation Monitoring
2015 Vol. 61, No. 7 346--348
EN The most popular control algorithm in attitude stabilization of multirotor aerial vehicles is a PID controller. It is used so frequently because of low computational requirements and simplicity of implementation and tuning. However, there are many other control algorithms suitable for this task, for[...]
Journal of Telecommunications and Information Technology
2015 nr 1 67--75
EN Prediction of Internet traffic time series data (TSD) is a challenging research problem, owing to the complicated nature of TSD. In literature, many hybrids of auto-regressive integrated moving average (ARIMA) and artificial neural networks (ANN) models are devised for the TSD prediction. These hybr[...]
2017 No. 59 (3) 331--349
EN For the purposes of planning and operation of maritime activities, information about wave height dynamics is of great importance. In the paper, real-time prediction of significant wave heights for the following 0.5–5.5 h is provided, using information from 3 or more time points. In the first stage, [...]
Journal of KONES
EN The paper presents the preliminary investigations of nitric oxides (NOx) estimation from marine two-stroke engines. The Annex VI to Marpol Convention enforce to ship - owners necessity of periodical direct measurements of the NOx emission from the ship engines. It is very expensive procedure but wit[...]
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