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W pracy przedstawiono badania chropowatości powierzchni poli(chlorku winylu) napełnionego proszkiem żelaza oraz jego morfologię. Badania wykonano przy użyciu metody profilowania liniowego. Badaniom poddano wytłoczyny w postaci taśmy modyfikowane proszkiem żelaza w ilości 0%, 1,2%, 1,8%, 2,4% oraz 3%. Podczas pomiaru określano parametry charakteryzujące powierzchnię wytłoczyny Ra, Ry, Rm, Rz, Sm i S.
The paper presents research of geometrical structure of poly(vinyl chloride) surface filled with iron powder. Research were done with the use of linear profile method. Extrudate with the form of tape modified with iron powder in amount 0%, 1,2%, 1,8%, 2,4% and 3% was studied. During the measurement characteristic parameters of extrudate surface was obtained such as Ra, Ry, Rm, Rz, Sm i S.
In recent years, cellular extrusion of polymers has been one of the fastest growing processing methods. It is used especially to obtain sections, bars, pipes and cellular coatings free from strains on the product surface, displaying reduced density and minimum shrinkage, at the same time maintaining similar properties of products extruded in a conventional way. In order to obtain cellular structure, product properties are modified by application of proper plastics or adding blowing agents. The article provides a description of manufacturing processes of cellular product. It gives characteristics of blowing agents used in the extrusion process and of processing conditions. Also, it discusses selected results of examined properties of the obtained cellular products. As part of the modernization of the cellular extrusion technology the extrusion head was designed and made. During the designing and modeling of the head the Auto CAD programe was used. After the prototyping the extrusion head was tested. In the article specification of cellular extrusion process of thermoplastics was presented. In the research, the endothermal chemical blowing agents in amount 1,0% by mass were used. The quantity of used blowing agent has a direct influence on density and structure of the extruded product of modified polymers. However, these properties have further influence on porosity, impact strength, hardness, tensile strength and another.
Content available remote Computer aided image analysis of nanocomposites microstructures
Purpose: Scanning electron microscopy and light microscopy with polarization has been used for observation cross sectioned samples of nanocomposites with developed layered region, visible in the polarized light; Purpose of this work was to focus on investigation of nanocomposites, with polyolefin matrix and nanometric 2:1 silicate reinforcement, as future engineering materials, Design/methodology/approach: Process of injection molding has been used to manufacture nanocomposites; conventional mold equipped with special hydraulic pressure system and connected to external computer for controlling flow movements inside mold cavity Findings: Layered region, with medium thickness of layer equal to 200 microns, obtained due to the melt manipulation of polymer, improved fracture toughness of investigated nanocomposites; nanoparticles located in the matrix make llalom-like crack propagation extending fracture due to bypassing parallely oriented nanoclay tactoids Research limitations/implications: Specimen shape used in the experiment is rectangular and obtained data of investigated specimens approve very good reinforcement along specimen, application of mre complicated shapes may perturb uniform distribution of nanoparticles in the matric and affect mechanical properties Practical implications: Application developed injection moulding technique and nanomaterials gives possibility to obtain layered region with raised toughness and simultaneously obtain cheaply nanocomposites, thanks to economical technology of manufacturing and commercially available polyolefins at low price Originality/value: Accordingly to increment of plastic market and its upward tendency, wide range of products and applications (and still increasing) in different sectors including medical, household appliances, furniture, automotive, aerospace, electronics and buildings.
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