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The purpose of this paper is to introduce a new chaotic oscillator. Although different chaotic systems have been formulated by earlier researchers, only a few chaotic systems exhibit chaotic behaviour. In this work, a new chaotic system with chaotic attractor is introduced. It is worth noting that this striking phenomenon rarely occurs in respect of chaotic systems. The system proposed in this paper has been realized with numerical simulation. The results emanating from the numerical simulation indicate the feasibility of the proposed chaotic system. More over, chaos control, stability, diffusion and synchronization of such a system have been dealt with.
In this paper, analysis and design of colpitts oscillator with ability to transmit data at low output power with application in short-range wireless sensor networks such as MICS is described. Reducing the area required to implement the transmitter, on-chip implementation and appropriate energy efficiency are the advantages of this structure that makes it suitable for the design of short-range transmitter in biomedical applications. The proposed OOK transmitter works at 405MHz with 10 Mbps data rate. Output power and total power consumption are 25 μW and 726 μW, respectively. Energy efficiency is 72.6 pJ/bit. The transmitter has been designed and simulated in 0.18 μm CMOS technology.
Content available Loop Gain of the Common-Drain Colpitts Oscillator
This paper presents the derivations of the voltage transfer functions of the amplifier A, the feedback network β, and the loop gain Τ of the common-drain (CD) Colpitts oscillator, using the small-signal model of the CD Colpitts oscillator. The derivation of the characteristic equation of the CD Colpitts oscillator is presented. Using the characteristic equation, the equation for the oscillation frequency of the sinusoidal output voltage and the condition for steady-state oscillation are derived. The characteristic equation is used to obtain a plot of trajectories of the poles of the CD Colpitts oscillator by varying the MOSFET small-signal transconductance gm. The locations of the complex conjugate poles depicting starting and steady-state conditions for oscillations are also presented.
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