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Content available Broń biologiczna i bioterroryzm
Broń biologiczna jest stosunkowo tania i łatwa w produkcji, ukryciu i przenoszeniu. Zagrożenie użycia broni biologicznej wciąż wydaje się bardzo prawdopodobne. Współcześnie największą grozę budzi perspektywa wykorzystania broni masowego rażenia, zatem również broni biologicznej, przez ugrupowania terrorystyczne (bioterroryzm). Autor artykułu w sposób syntetyczny, w oparciu o dostępne piśmiennictwo oraz dane niepublikowane, przybliży istotę broni biologicznej oraz zjawiska bioterroryzmu.
Biological weapons are relatively cheap and easy to produce, hide and relocate. The threat of using biological weapons still seems to be very real. Today, the greatest fear is the possibility of contemporary terrorist organisations using weapons of mass destruction (biological weapon, bioterrorism). This article is based on the available references and unpublished information. Author discusses the current level of threat of biological weapons and bioterrorism.
Content available Podsystem ratownictwa i ochrony ludności
Civil protection includes activities aimed at providing security to people, assets and environment in case of threats caused by nature itself and civilization development, warfare or terrorist actions. Rescue and civil protection subsystem plays an important role in the national security system of our country. Taking into account the specific area of activities, it is crucial that subordinate services should be properly coordinated and their competences distributed properly. Rescue and civil protection services should properly understand the nature of threats – their types, range as well as types and range of negative effects they can produce concerning people, animals, environment and material assets.
Content available remote Broń biologiczna nie jest wynalazkiem XXI wieku
Does a biological weapon threat exist nowadays? A probability to use pathogenic micro-organisms as a combat agent poses a real threat to a contemporary battlefield. Pathogenic micro-organisms have been used for a long time in wartime as a measure to eliminate the enemy living force. Contagious diseases (also those that appear naturally) decimated troops and often caused greater losses than the combat operations themselves. The article presents orderly arranged and evaluated information concerning the biological weapon development and combat use before World War I, during its course, in the between - the wars period, during World War II and after it. This retrospective view at both remote and recent years is the basis to draw attention to contemporary biological weapon. The author considers the possibilities of purchase, theft or production and then use of biological weapon. The perspectives and conclusions are alarming. In spite of temporary trends, it becomes clear that preventive measures must be taken immediately because eradicating the effects of terrorist attack, during which biological weapon was used, may appear to be impossible.
The article outlines problems connected with maintaining the vitality of troops after an enemy attack. The activities of defence against weapons of mass destruction (WMD) have been described in detail because in case of combat when WMD are used, the range and degree of tasks’ complexity will be much greater than in conventional operations.
Content available remote Broń biologiczna : wybrane problemy
Content available remote Wybrane problemy obrony przeciwchemicznej w działaniach operacyjnych
The article presents the idea of chemical defence and general abilities and principles of chemical troops functioning in operations. In the introduction the author describes actions and tasks of chemical defence in operations. Later he presents the principles of actions and abilities of chemical troops' assets and forces in operations. A special attention is drawn to the principles of actions of chemical battalion subunits and fighters' section of contamination and smoke reconnaissance in operations.
The article presents problems connected with the current and future chemical defence troops' structure functioning in the Polish defence structure and their technical and combat potentials. In the introduction the current state of chemical defence troops has been evaluated basing on the tasks facing them. Then the chemical defence troops tactical and combat potentials on the operational and tactical level have been assessed and compared in the area of contamination reconnaissance and decontamination. A special attention has been drawn to the need to carry out necessary organisational – functional changes of chemical defence troops in the Polish Republic's defence system.
The article presents problems connected with the organisation, tasks and general rules of chemical defence troops functioning that appear in selective command stages structures in Polish Territorial Defence troops. The current tasks accomplished by these troops and the structure of Territorial Defence troops functioning in the Polish Armed Forces have been described in the introduction. The further part of the article deals with propositions of chemical defence troops’ structural changes in the Polish Territorial Defence troops. A particular attention has been focused on the possibility to form and select chemical defence battalions into contamination monitoring and removing into Territorial Defence structures.
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