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Generalized Rademacher functions, constructed as a sequence of elements of Galois fields are intended to find the spectral representation of signals with levels. These functions form a complete basis on the interval corresponding to -1 discrete time intervals and for passing into the classical Rademacher functions. The advantage of such spectra obtained using Galois Fields Fourier Transform is that the range of variation of the spectrum amplitudes remains the same as the range of variation of the original signal, which is modeled on discrete time functions taking values in the Galois field.
In transversely isotropic (TI) media, accurate and efcient pure P-wave extrapolation is the basis of seismic imaging and inversion algorithms. For pure P-wave equations in TI media, combining the fnite-diference (FD) method with the pseudospectral (PS) method is an efective solution. However, if the mixed-domain pure P-wave equation contains multiple wavenumbers, using the hybrid approach will involve multiple Fourier transforms, which will result in high computational costs. Referring to the weak anisotropy approximation, we propose a new approximate P-wave phase velocity expression. We then use an optimization strategy to reduce the number of wavenumber terms in the corresponding dispersion relations and derive the mixed-domain pure P-wave equations in 2D and 3D tilted transversely isotropic (TTI) media. Through numerical experiments in 2D and 3D TTI models, we verify the feasibility and efciency of the proposed mixed-domain P-wave equations.
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