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This paper is aimed at reviewing the ring of retarded quasipolynomial meromorphic functions (RMS) that was recently introduced as a convenient control design tool for linear, time-invariant time delay systems (TDS). It has been found by the authors that the original definition does not constitute a ring and has some essential deficiencies, and hence it could not be used for an algebraic control design without a thorough reformulation which i.a. extends the usability to neutral TDS and to those with distributed delays. This contribution summarizes the original definition of RMS simply highlights its deficiencies via examples, and suggests a possible new extended definition. Hence, the new ring of quasipolynomial meromorphic functions RQM is established to avoid confusion. The paper also investigates and introduces selected algebraic properties supported by some illustrative examples and concisely outlines its use in controller design.
Poziom kultury ekologicznej społeczeństwa jest niezwykle ważnym czynnikiem wpływającym na jakość środowiska naturalnego. Świadomość zagrożeń ekologicznych, jakie mogą pojawić się na danym terenie oraz stosunek do nich mieszkańców, mają znaczenie w kształtowaniu postaw proekologicznych. W pracy zbadano świadomość dotyczącą zagrożeń ekologicznych mieszkańców gminy Olsztyn w woj. śląskim. Przeprowadzono badania ankietowe, z których wynika, że znajomość wpływu działań na czystość środowiska naturalnego jest znana, jednakże w niewielkim stopniu skutkuje to realnymi działaniami.
State of ecological culture of society is crucial factor influencing the quality of environment. Awareness of ecological threats that may appear on that area and attitude to inhabitants, have importance in creating fovouring ecological attitude. In this research awareness of inhabitants of community of Olsztyn in Silesia of ecological threats has been examined. From the researches w can see that people know about how they influence the environment in bad way, but it is not followed by any action to prevent destroying it.
Content available remote Robust stability of systems with parametric uncertainty
Systems with parametric uncertainty represent an important class of uncertain objects that are characterized by mathematical model containing parameters which are not precisely known, but the values thereof lie within given intervals. This type of uncertainty can arise during the control of real processes, e.g. as a consequence of imprecise measuring or of the influence of certain external conditions. If individual uncertain coefficients (in polynomial, in transfer function etc.) are mutually independent, the uncertainty has a simple interval structure. This article presents several possibilities of interval uncertainty for systems description as well as the tools for robust stability analysis, emphasizing advantages and limitations connected with the use of this simple structures, even for more complex problems.
Content available remote µ-Synthesis : an algebraic approach
In the paper the problem of the robust control of continuous-time systems via [my]-synthesis is investigated. The robust control design is formulated as a local minimalization of the peak of the structured singular value. The control parameters are derived throught polynomial Diophantine equations as a pole placement principle. the poles of the nominal feedback loop are the variables for minimization which was performed by a direct search method. The procedure provided the final controller of a simple PID structure, which was applied to a system with time delay as a perturbation and the results were compared with the D-K iteration, which gave a more complex solution.
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