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This paper presents the authors’ reflections on using integral calculus when preparing the process of locating single ground-based chains of positioning systems in marine navigation. These reflections are purely theoretical and presented research results apply to a hypothetical navigation system that operates based on the ratio of distances, which is regarded as a navigation parameter.
Content available Local monitoring of EGNOS services
Any SBAS system, as soon as it is permanently monitored by Earth stations, should deliver to the users correct information about quality of the augmented system. According to many sources of information, among them observations of authors, present accuracy of EGNOS service has accuracy about 1,5m (95%), but availability of the service is still controversial. First of all the quality of the system is guaranteed only inside the border of the system coverage which still do not affect all territory of European Union, however observed accuracy at times is better outside this area than next door to the RIMS station. In addition there are evidences that availability has random character and essential differences as well as lack of correlation of this parameter in the different point of observations has been observed. So in author’s opinion Local Monitoring of EGNOS service can contribute to better confidence of local users, especially in critical operations, like for example berthing of big ships or landing operations with EGNOS procedures. The example of EGNOS monitor which is working in real time and performed by the authors will be presented.
The method of manual and automatic definition of the compass error with the help of radar has been described. The article presents the mathematical description of accuracy of the offered methods and the ways of increasing the accuracy.
Opisano metody ręcznego i automatycznego określenia poprawki kompasu za pomocą radaru. W artykule zaprezentowano opis matematyczny dokładności proponowanych metod oraz sposoby zwiększenia dokładności.
The mathematical description of accuracy as the basic criterion of the safety at (...) with the use of a radar and AIS is presented. The accuracy of a radar and that of an AIS in the mode of coordinates relayed from GPS and DGPS is compared. It is proved that within the limits of an observation zone and a zone of maneuvering the AIS is always more effective, than the radar, while and the radar is more effective in a zone of excessive approach on condition that the AIS uses the GPS.
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