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Intermodal practices are related to the use of several distinct modes of transport during the same displacement. This study analyses the articulation between institutional transport insured by motorbike taxis and the Lomé Transport Company (Sotral) in Grand Lomé. In particular, it explores two intermodal practices between both actors, mainly the drawdown and broadcasting of Sotral users on/and from bus stopping, the main intermodality points after the bus stations in Grand Lomé. The methodology relies on a mixed approach, combining quantitative and qualitative methods for data collection and analysis. The first descriptive approach has allowed us to observe the phenomenon, to reinforce knowledge through the analysis of documents, and to obtain actors’ opinions. The second quantitative approach is based on the interviews carried out with drivers and motorbike taxi and bus users, the counting of broadcasting and drawdown modes at the stopping points, and the mapping of the study area as well as the Sotral network. The results show that the current facilities of Sotral bus stopping points do not encourage/promote the interaction and/or cohabitation between different modes of transport, such as motorbike taxis. These infrastructures are out of phase with the intermodal practices of the population of Grand Lomé, who use artisanal and structured public transport in their daily movements. In fact, motorbike taxis do not have a dedicated facility for drop-off/pick-up of passengers at the Sotral bus stopping points. The drawdown and broadcasting by these means of artisanal transport at bus stops are generally made on sidewalks and sometimes on roadways, which is a source of road insecurity. This failure leads to friction between Sotral and motorbike taxis on the use of facilities dedicated to Sotral buses, creating an absence of cohabitation between two main actors of mobility in Grand Lomé. An approach focused on the flexibility and efficiency of intermodal points or the connection between motorbike taxis and Sotral allows good coexistence and constitutes a component of a sustainable mobility strategy.
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