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Love waves in the fiber-reinforced layer over a gravitating porous half-space

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This paper aims to study the propagation of Love waves in fiber-reinforced layer lying over a gravitating anisotropic porous half-space. The closed form of dispersion equation has been derived for the Love waves in terms of Whittaker function and its derivative, which are further expanded asymptotically, retaining the terms up to second degree. The frequency equation shows that the transverse and longitudinal rigidity of reinforced material, as well as gravity and porosity of the porous halfspace have significant effect on the propagation of Love waves. The study reveals that the increment in width of reinforced layer decreases the phase velocity. For a particular width of the reinforced layer, it is also observed that the phase velocity increases with increasing porosity of the half-space, but it decreases with increasing gravity.
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  • Department of Applied Mathematics, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, India
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