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Digital image correlation of coated and uncoated Religa Heart_Ext ventricular assist device

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The digital image correlation is used to estimate influence of deposited heamocompatible coatings (gold and titanium nitride) on mechanical response of ventricular assist device Religa Heart_Ext made of Bionate II (thermoplastic polycarbonate urethane) under working conditions by comparison of the coated Religa Heart_Ext with uncoated Religa Heart_Ext. The DIC is applied for experimental investigation of the strains and displacements distribution on external surface of the blood chamber of ventricular assist device during loading. The experiment was conducted in a hydraulic system with water at operating temperatures of 25 and 37 °C, as well as under static pressures: 80, 120, 180, 220 and 280 mmHg, and static underpressures: –25, –45, –75 mmHg. The subsequent images were taken after stabilization of pressure on a set level. The applied research method shows that the nano-coating of 30 nm in thickness significantly affects deformation of the blood chamber of Religa Heart_Ext in macro scale. The proposed composition of coatings increases strain on external surface of the ventricular assist device.
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