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A shock problem involving a nonlinear viscoelastic bar associated with a nonlinear boundary condition

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We study the initial-boundary value problem for a nonlinear wave equation given by [...] where p > 2, q > l, K, lambda are given constants and uo, u1, F are given functions, the unknown function u(x,t) and the unknown boundary value P (t) satisfy the following nonlinear integral equation [...] where K1, alpha, beta are given constants and g, k arę given functions. In Part 1 we prove a theorem of existence and uniqueness of a weak solution (u, P) of problem (1), (2). The proof is based on the Faedo-Galerkin method associated with a priori estimates, weak convergence and compactness techniques. In Part 3 we obtain an asymptotic expansion of the solution (u, P) of the problem (1), (2) up to order N+1 in three small parameters K, lambda, K1.
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