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Analysis of the Portevin - Le Chatelier effect in tin bronzes at elevated temperatures

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Purpose: The aim of the present paper is the determination of the effect of the chemical composition and temperature of deformation of standardized tin bronzes and bronze modified with zirconium on the Portevin-Le Chatelier (PLC) phenomenon, mainly basing on the shape of stress-strain curves within the temperature range of 100-300° C and observations of their structure. The reasons of the occurrence of such en effect are so far no fully known and explained and the opinions concerning is physical basis vary. Design/methodology/approach: Of essential design in this research is determination of the dependence of PLC effect on the chemical composition, temperature and strain rate and the preliminary heat treatment and grain size. The main method used in this investigation is tensile test at elevated temperature. Findings: The main conclusions are following: the PLC effect on tin bronzes with a micro-addition of zirconium in an amount of 0.01-0.05% depends the temperature of deformation in the tensile test in the range of 100-300° C and the chemical composition of the alloys; the type of serration revealed on the σ-ε curve depend mainly on the temperature of deformation and can be differ during the respective stages of the analyzed curves. Practical implications: In this paper implications for practice are not taken into consideration. Originality/value: In this paper an additive type of serration observed on the curves σ -ε , denoted by the symbol D, is new.
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