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Fast Low Voltage Analog Four-Quadrant Multipliers Based on CMOS Inverters

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The paper presents quarter-square analog four-quadrant multipliers, based on proprietary architecture using four CMOS inverters. The most important upgrade on already published own circuit implementation is the use of the same inverter "core" of the circuit with completely redesigned auxiliary and steering blocks. Two variants of new driving peripherals are considered: one with differential pair, the second with CMOS inverters. The proposed circuit solutions are suitable for RF applications in communication systems due to simple architecture comprising building blocks with RF CMOS transistors having sufficiently large biasing currents. Postlayout simulation results done on the basis of 180nm CMOS UMC Foundry Design Kit are also presented.
  • Department of Electonics, AGH University of Technology, Mickiewicza 30, 30-059 Kraków, Poland,
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