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The Concept of Complex Network Evolution

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In this paper, I focused particular attention on the relationship between the structure and dynamics of complex networks. I am convinced of importance of measuring the structural properties of evolving networks in order to characterize how the connectivity of the investigating structures changes in time. Network measurement are therefore essential in my investigation. I intend to test how the non-stability of structure properties can be viewed as a factor that show abnormal state of the system (e.g. increasing of terrorism activity) modeled by complex networks. Complex networks are commonly modeled by means of simply or directed graphs. In some cases the use of graph to represent complex networks does not provide a complete description of the real-world systems under investigation. Consequently, I will formally introduce the hypernetwork concept as generalization for representing complex networks and will call them complex hyper-networks.
  • Institute of Computer Sciences. Cybernetics Faculty, Military University of Technology, Kaliskiego Str. 2, 00-908 Warsaw
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