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Identification of Nonlinear Viscoelastic Properties of the "Panama" Fabric

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French-Polish Seminar on Mechanics ; 14. ; International Conference on Modelling and Simulation of the Friction Phenomena in the Physical and Technical Systems "FRICTION 2006" ; 4. (5.06.2006 ; Warsaw, Poland)
Języki publikacji
Technical fabric "Panama", manufactured by Sattler Company (Germany), exhibits some nonlinear behaviour including the viscoelastic effects, during the long-term experiments. On the basis of uniaxial creep-recovery laboratory tests, conducted for five different stress levels from 10% to 50% of the ultimate force declared by the producer, an attempt on the nonlinear viscoelastic identification of the fabric properties was made. The Schapery one-integral model of nonlinear viscoelasticity was applied as the constitutive relation, describing material's behaviour in inelastic range. The power law time function was assumed to represent the transient component of the linear creep compliance. For each stress level the same procedure of the parameters identification was conducted, using the least squares method in the Levenberg-Marquardt variant. As the considered material has two thread families, warp and weft, weaved perpendicularly one to another, calculations were carried out for each thread direction individually. Results of the identification were verified and compared to the experiments' data. Good agreement between the nonlinear model representation and the tests' data of the examined technical fabric was obtained. Some remarks upon further research were included.
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