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Geodynamic evolution of the o rogen: the West Carpathian and Ouachitas case study

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Twelve time interval maps have been presented which depict the plate tectonic configuration, paleogeography and lithofacies for the circum-arpathian area from the Late Carboniferous through Neogene and for the circum-Ouachita region from Late Cambrian through Early Permian. The following geodynamic evolutionary stages can be distinguished in these two orogens: Stage I - rifting of terranes off the major continent, forming oceanic basins (Triassic-Early Cretaceous in the Carpathian region, Cambrian-Devonian in the Ouachita region); Stage II - formation of subduction zones along the active margin, partial closing of oceanic basin, development of deep-water flysch basin associate with this rifting on the platform (passive margin) with the attenuated continental crust (Late Cretaceous-Paleocene in the Carpathian region, Early Carboniferous in the Ouachitas); Stage III - collision, perhaps terrane-continent, with the accompanying conver- gence of two large continents, development of accretionary prisms, Eocene-Early Miocene time in the Carpathian region, Late Carboniferous in the Ouachitas; and Stage IV - postcollisional, (Miocene-Present-future? in the Carpathians, Permian-Triassic in the Ouachitas). Both, Carpathians and Ouachitas are accretionary prisms formed in response to terrane-continent and continent-continent collision. The paleogeographic approach we have taken shows how these mountain belts were constructed through the orogenic cycle, which reflects complex plate tectonic processes. Carpathians and Ouachitas record complete and homologous Wilson cycle.
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  • Jagiellonian University, Institute of Geological Sciences, Oleandry Str. 2a, 30-063 Kraków, Poland
  • Jagiellonian University, Institute of Geological Sciences, Oleandry Str. 2a, 30-063 Kraków, Poland
  • 650 New Haven Court, Walnut Creek, CA 94598, U. S. A.
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