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Evidence for a warm water inflow into the Baltic Proper in summer 2003

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The exceptional warm water inflow into the Baltic Sea in summer 2002, which preceded the major Baltic inflow of January 2003, was surprisingly repeated in modified form in summer 2003. Its warm waters even replaced the renewed, cold inflow waters in the eastern Gotland Basin and commenced another warm period in its deep layers, where the previous one had lasted from 1997 to 2003. Details of the temporal and spatial behaviour of this new baroclinic inflow are presented from various measurements carried out from the Kiel Bight up to Gotland, covering the Darss Sill, the Arkona, Bornholm, Gdańsk Basins and the Słupsk Channel, focused mainly on the time period between July 2003 and July 2004. Hypothetically, the repetition of these exceptional warm inflow events could be regarded as a possible regional indicator for global climatic change.
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