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Study of combustion and pneumatic spark ignition engine

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he paper describes the work of high speed spark ignition engine with additional high pressure air injection during combustion process. The analyzed conception of combustion and pneumatic engine is based on the European patent EPO - EP2 103777 A2 and polish announcement UP RP P-387992. The paper presents the results of theoretical and numerical investigations for different analyzed control parameters of the injection dose of air with comparison of work parameters for standard and modified engine. Additional post air injection enables achieving higher expansion pressure and additional oxygen for better fuel combustion. At proper air dose the charge temperature slightly decreases, which enables applying of a cheaper turbocharger in such engine in regard of thermal resistance of materials. The engine is equipped with electronic control system of air injection and directfuel injection. The paper shows an increase of dynamic engine performance for constant timings and pressure of air injection and variations of engine work in comparison to standard engine. Additionally the paper shows possible energy recovery system of such engine in the car. The conception is a certain input for "downsizing" of engines and reduction of exhaust emission. The results presented in the paper were obtained from computer programs based on prepared mathematical model.
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  • Cracow University of Technology, Jana Pawia II Av. 37, 31-864 Kraków, Poland tel: +48 12 6283692; Fax: +48 12 6283690,
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