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Backstepping/DTC control of a double star synchronous machine drive

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Direct torque control (DTC) allows for very high quality torque control without a need for current controllers tuning or using coordinate transformation. However, barge torque ripples arise as well as inconstant inverter switching frequency due to the hysteresis of comparators. This paper present a backstepping/DTC control based on the space vector modulation (SVPWM) for double star synchronous machine (DSSM) to reduce the torque, flux, current and speed pulsations during steady state. By the coordinate transformation the DSSM models are presented in view of control. Then a conventional DTC is developed to get a decoupled system and a PI controller is designed to control the speed. To improve the static and dynamic control performance of the DSSM, the speed controller is designed using a backstepping/DTC procedure in conjunction with SVPWM. Simulation results with the conventional DTC and proposed backstepping/DTC are presented and compared. Results show the effectiveness and the robustness of the approach proposed.
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