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Optimal control of active rotor suspension system

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In the paper active magnetic bearings system was used for non-contact suspension of a rigid rotor. Optimal robust control method was applied to stabilize and reduce the rotor vibrations. The rotor is supported by two radial heteropolar magnetic bearings and additionally with one axial passive bearing with permanent magnets. The position of the rotor was measured in two radial directions of each active magnetic bearing and in axial direction of the passive magnetic bearing by the eddy-current sensors. The power amplifiers (PWM) were used to generate a current control signals. For pre-investigations a simple local PID controllers were designed. The PID controllers were used to stabilize nominal model of unstable open-loop system. Based on the performances of the PID closed-loop system the H-infinity optimal control laws were derived. The robust controllers were designed for augmented model of the plant. Next, the computer simulations and experimental investigations were carried out. The robust controller was designed according to Safonov, Limebeer and Chiang formulae. The control algorithm was implemented in a digital signal processor. The experimental and simulation results show the magnetic suspension system has good transient responses and tracking abilities. The H-infinity controller ensures the robust performance and stability of the closed-loop system in spite of disturbances and good vibration compensation.
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Bibliogr. 7 poz., rys.
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