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Kwartalnik Architektury i Urbanistyki

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Pałacyk Aleksandra Lubomirskiego w Niezdowie

Autorzy Sołtys, A. 
Treść / Zawartość
Warianty tytułu
EN Aleksander Lubomirsi's villa in Niezdów
Języki publikacji PL
EN The Aleksander Lubomirski villa in Niezdów near Opole Lubelskie is one of the most interesting examples of Polish Classicist architecture from the 1780s. For a long time, the building did not interest historians of art or publicists, and was first presented by Maria Wyrzykowska-Tothowa in 1951 in her M. A. thesis, published in 1957 in "Roczniki Humanistyczne KUL". A scientific-historical documentation of the villa was written in 1969 by Jadwiga Teodorowicz-Czerepinska, who upon the basis of archival and iconographic sources conducted a detailed formal analysis of the foundation, history and close links of the titular object with the villa architecture in Warsaw - the Lazienki and Królikarnia residences. She also ascribed the authorship to Dominik Merlini, who in 1766-1773 redesigned the palace in Opole Lubelskie. The discovery of dated and signed projects of the villa ultimately resolved all doubts concerning the author, and introduced certain new data about the almost unknown Franciszek Degen. Aleksander Lubomirski entrusted the project and construction of the object to Franciszek Degen, at the time working for Zofia Lubomirska, born Krasińska. His name is connected with the first known date of the realisation, found in two drawings signed Fr. Degen Architt inv. diss. 1787 and preserved in the collections of the District Museum in Tarnów. Very little is known about the life and work of F. Degen, who probably came from a family of architects and constructors active in the second half of the eighteenth century in the regions of Zamość and Lublin. Embarking upon the project, F. Degen had at his disposal a spacious and empty terrain, and conceived the realisation of a small villa built upon the ground plan of a rectangle 24.6 x 13.5 metres large. The only original view of the villa is to be found in a drawing by J. Sławiński from 1836, executed prior to the changes introduced in about the middle of the eighteenth century. The conception of a large, two-storey hall in the front projection and its direct connection with the portico is illustrated by the copperplates of Johan Sebastian Probst from 1784, part of a folio containing the ground plans and cross-sections of Worlitz Castle, designed in 1769 by Johann Friedrich von Erdmannsdorf. This publication, whose copy was, possibly intentionally, placed in one of the albums belonging to Aleksander Lubomirski among plates intended for Niezdów, could have inspired the architect. The Worlitz residence represents a much more monumental type of architecture. After the death of Aleksander Lubomirski in 1804, the land, together with the villa and the personal estate, were acquired by his only daughter and heiress, Rozalia Aleksandra, the wife of Wacław Rzewuski. In 1847, she sold the whole estate to a judge Kazimierz Wydrychiewicz, who redesigned the villa which by the middle of the nineteenth century was no longer a comfortable and modern residence. In 1871, the heirs of K. Wydrychiewicz, who died in 1869, sold Niezdów to Franciszek Kleniewski of the Zagłoba coat of arms. The new owner initiated work on refashioning the villa park; the author of the project, completed in January 1905, was Walerian Kronenberg. In 1939, the estate and the villa were purchased from the last two female representatives of the Kleniewski family by the Order of the Servants of the Immaculate Most Holy Virgin Mary in Lublin; after the estate was taken over by the state treasury, the property was divided. Today, the villa belongs once again to the monastic order. Although the configuration of the Niezdów residence refers directly to traditional palace architecture, its idea remains within the Palladian range and its eighteenth-century emulators.
Słowa kluczowe
PL architektura mieszkaniowa   pałac w Niezdowie   Lubomirski Aleksander  
EN architecture   villa in Niezdów   Lubomirski Aleksander  
Wydawca Komitet Architektury i Urbanistyki PAN
Czasopismo Kwartalnik Architektury i Urbanistyki
Rocznik 2001
Tom T. 46, z. 4
Strony 363--374
Opis fizyczny fot., rys.
autor Sołtys, A.
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