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Microstructure, mechanical and electrical properties of Ni-YSZ anode supported solid oxide fuel cells

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Purpose: Investigation of the Ni-YSZ cermets for anode supported solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) prepared by uniaxial pressure, sintered and reduced pellets of NiO-YSZ. Design/methodology/approach: Density examination, shrinkage examination, transverse rupture strength tests, microstructure examination. Findings: Basing on the investigations of the anode Ni-YSZ type fabricated with powder metallurgy it was found of that density of sintered samples depends on NiO portion, temperature of sintering and reducing. Increase of sintering temperature causes increase of density. Moreover increase of NiO portion and reducing temperature causes decrease of density and linear contraction of anode. Practical implications: The Ni-YSZ cermets fabricated using of powder metallurgy are characterized by very good properties and can be used as SOFC anode. Powder metallurgy gives the possibility to manufacturing cermet used as an anode for SOFC on the basis of Ni-YSZ. Originality/value: Investigations of compacted, sintered and reduced samples with different amount of NiO gives information about optimal manufacturing conditions and volume fraction of NiO/YSZ components. This information is especially important at production process of extruded tubes.
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