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International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering

Tytuł artykułu

Effect of compressibility and suspended particles on thermal convection in a Walters' B' elastico-viscous fluid in hydromagnetics

Autorzy Sharma, R. C.  Aggarwal, A. K. 
Treść / Zawartość
Warianty tytułu
Języki publikacji EN
EN A layer of a compressible, electrically conducting Walters' B' elastico-viscous fluid permeated with suspended particles heated from below in the presence of a magnetic field is considered. For the case of stationary convection, the Walters'(model B') elastico-viscous fluid behaves like a Newtonian fluid and the compressibility, magnetic field are found to have stabilizing effects, whereas the suspended particles have a destabilizing effect on the thermal convection. The presence of each - viscoelasticity, magnetic field and suspended particles introduces oscillatory modes in the system which were non-existent in their absence.
Słowa kluczowe
PL materiały elastyczne   teoria sprężystości  
EN thermal convection   elastico-viscous fluid   compressibility  
Wydawca Oficyna Wydawnicza Uniwersytetu Zielonogórskiego
Czasopismo International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering
Rocznik 2006
Tom Vol. 11, no 2
Strony 391--399
Opis fizyczny Bibliogr. 12 poz.
autor Sharma, R. C.
autor Aggarwal, A. K.
  • Department of Mathematics, Himachal Pradesh University Summer-Hill, Shimla-171005, Himachal Pradesh, INDIA,
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