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Integracja danych przestrzennych na przykładach systemów województw: Śląskiego i Zachodniopomorskiego

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Examples of spatial data integration in systems for Silesian and Western Pomeranian voivodeships
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Paper discusses issues related to the initiatives directed at development of regional spatial information systems in Poland. Such systems should be considered as components of future spatial information infrastructure (SII) at the regional (voivodeship) or regional and local (district, municipality) levels. In particular, the paper describes experience gained during development of similar infrastructures in Silesian and Western Pomeranian Voivodships resulting in two systems:. Regional Spatial Information System in Silesian Voivodeship, called RSIP, and .- Regional Spatial Information System in Western Pomeranian Voivodeship, called ZSIP. Data describing geographical space are registered in various independent databases managed by many different agencies and institutions. Access to this information by potential users, which should be complementary and integrated, requires co-operation of many institutions and their resources. However attempts at such integration and access are being met with many problems of legal, organizational and technical nature. Some of these problems are extremely difficult to overcome. This notwithstanding, development of widely understood spatial information infrastructure (SII) cannot be stopped as such infrastructure (SII) is required for the economic growth of a country to the same extent as the road or telecommunication infrastructure. Exceptional importance of undertaking such challenges is being continuously confirmed by the EU initiatives in the area of SII and in particular by such programs as e-Europe and INSPIRE. The paper presents models for the system architecture and functioning of both Silesian RSIP and Western Pomeranian ZSIP and briefly describes their assumptions and implemented tasks. Practical examples of results produced by both systems were used to describe methods of integration of data originating from many sources. The paper also describes data collected and loaded into both systems as well as the institutions being data custodians. Problems related to integration of spatial data and potential benefits of accessing many databases storing spatial information. The paper ends with a summary of practical experience gained during development of regional spatial information systems in Poland. Where it was proper and based on experience, some recommendations for development of similar future systems has been offered. Conclusions and recommendations for further development of regional spatial information systems aimed at becoming components of SII in Poland, presented in the paper, have been divided into five categories related to five basic requirements formulated in a draft EU Directive for INSPIRE.
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