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Hydrogen as a fuel and as a coolant - from the superconductivity perspective

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Superconductors have a great potential in the future development of transportation and energy supply applications. Although MgB2 superconductors that operate at liquid hydrogen temperatures are not yet commercially available, research indicates that these will be feasible in the future. Novel concepts for transportation and energy supply that would be possible using medium temperature MgB2 superconductors include the non-polluting 'cryoplane', a self contained full electric superconducting ship, and cheaper superconducting MgB2 magnets for the fusion, small energy storage and possibly magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems. Superconducting conductors based on magnesium borides have been developed in Cambridge that can be fabricated into cables for power transport with minimal losses. Development of liquid hydrogen cooled MgB2 superconducting DC cables are also under consideration. Hydrogen used as a coolant, as well as an energy carrier, may spin off new research and developments in superconducting materials and efficient energy use.
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