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Optica Applicata

Tytuł artykułu

Optical switch based on cascaded SOI nonlinear directional coupler

Autorzy Tao, Q.  Luo, F.  Cai, D.  Liang, Q.  Wan, Z.  Song, X.  Liu, X. 
Treść / Zawartość
Warianty tytułu
Języki publikacji EN
EN In this paper, we calculate three effective refractive indexes for cascaded silicon-on-insulator (SOI) nonlinear directional coupler. For each effective refractive index, the coupling length LC, core-to-distance-ratio K and switching threshold power Pi, m are calculated, respectively. However, there are some fabrication errors, which are ?W, ?H, ?K in the height of Si layer and width of Si layer and error of core-to-distance-ratio. We have analyzed the influence of power transmission efficiency Ti, j and relative transmission efficiency error ?i, j caused by the change of ?W, ?H, ?K. Furthermore, we find the tolerance range of ?W, ?H, ?K for Ti, j and ?i, j in couplers a, b, c. The other four input pulses with different powers are switched to four different ports. Although output pulses show some little compression and loss, the value of ? is very small and output pulse waveforms are not affected seriously. The basic switching function has been realized, so this design is proved to be effective.
Słowa kluczowe
EN silicon-on-insulator (SOI)   vector finite element   discrete split-step multi-wavelet transfor-mation   coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equation (CNLSE)  
Wydawca Oficyna Wydawnicza Politechniki Wrocławskiej
Czasopismo Optica Applicata
Rocznik 2011
Tom Vol. 41, nr 3
Strony 669--678
Opis fizyczny Bibliogr. 11 poz.
autor Tao, Q.
autor Luo, F.
autor Cai, D.
autor Liang, Q.
autor Wan, Z.
autor Song, X.
autor Liu, X.
  • Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics, School of Optoelectronic Science and Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan 430074, China
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