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A review of the integration of Energy Storage Systems (ESS) for utility grid support

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Zintegrowane systemy magazynowania energii - przegląd stanu wiedzy
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Energy storage systems (ESS) have recently become an indispensable solution to many operational issues related to the integration of distributed generation (DG) technologies in electricity grids. Most of the applications are in the form of power quality mitigation and management of the energies between DG and electricity grids. This paper presents a review of the present status of worldwide applications and recent research on ESS. Of particular interest is the deployment of battery energy storage system (BESS) technologies for utility grid support and the approaches used in power system simulation studies. BESS steady state and dynamic modelling methods are also discussed.
W artykule zaprezentowano przegląd stanu wiedzy na temat zastosowań i badań układów magazynowania energii ESS. Szczególną uwagę zwrócono na układy z ogniwami w zastosowaniu jako element zintegrowanej sieci. (Zintegrowane systemy magazynowania energii – przegląd stanu wiedzy)
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