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Microgrid-based cryogenic energy storage as a part of Intelligent Energy Infrastructure Management (IEIM)

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Integration of advanced electrical machines with electrical power systems and renewable energy is at the heart of the dedicated Liquid Hydrogen Laboratory (LHL) at the University of Cambridge. Generation, storage and use of the hydrogen in conjunction with a patented dynamic energy storage system are an integral part of the proposed combined heat and power (CHP) IEIM Project. The aim of the project is to address intelligent energy infrastructure management IEIM of a smart micro grid, which combines hydrogen and electricity. To build a powerful relational database for the entire physical infrastructure based on combined heat and power elements, a sub-system needs to be established to monitor the status of interconnectivity to the grid. This information will be mapped onto the database to provide a real-time view of the energy network's physical interconnectivity with the grid, significantly reducing the environmental impact of the total electricity supply system. Considering the nature of the heat and power elements fibre optic based sensing techniques will remotely monitor the patching fields and provide an accurate map of the connectivity and constantly monitor changes in real-time.
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