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Acta Mechanica et Automatica

Tytuł artykułu

Transient Plane Waves in Multilayered Half-Space

Autorzy Turchyn, I.  Turchyn, O. 
Treść / Zawartość
Warianty tytułu
Języki publikacji EN
EN Considered the dynamic problem of the theory of elasticity for multilayered half-space. Boundary surface of inhomogeneous half-space loaded with normal load, and the boundaries of separation layers are in conditions of ideal mechanical contact. The formulation involves non-classical separation of equations of motion using two functions with a particular mechanical meaning volumetric expansion and function of acceleration of the shift. In terms of these functions obtained two wave equation, written boundary conditions and the conditions of ideal mechanical contact of layers. Using the Laguerre and Fourier integral transformations was obtained the solution of the formulated problem. The results of the calculation of the stress-strain state in the half-space with a coating for a local impact loading are presented.
Słowa kluczowe
PL dynamika   elastyczność   rozwiązanie analityczne   transformacja Fouriera  
EN dynamical problem of elasticity   multilayered half-space   analytical solution   Fourier integral transformation  
Wydawca Oficyna Wydawnicza Politechniki Białostockiej
Czasopismo Acta Mechanica et Automatica
Rocznik 2013
Tom Vol. 7, no. 1
Strony 53--57
Opis fizyczny Bibliogr. 11 poz., wykr.
autor Turchyn, I.
autor Turchyn, O.
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