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The electroporation system for cells mixture monitored by morphometric analysis of the hybrid picture

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The outline of issues connected with contemporary application of monoclone antibodies and techniques for obtaining hybrids was presented in the study. The results of research concerning modifications of Zimmerman's methods were obtained. They prove higher efficacy and selectivity of the solution proposed. The system of electroporation with changed geometry of electrodes and parameters of current is being proposed. The procedure is controlled entirely by microprocessor, from the stage of technology parameters' control in incubators of initial cells to creation of appointed mixture of cells in a mixer, and then division into portions, pumping the mixture into hybridisation chamber and, after hybridisation, pumping the mixture over into separate sections of incubator. The hybridisation system was modified. Transparent water coat was constructed. It was connected to thermostat, on which transparent hybridisation chamber was installed. Lighting from underneath and gap lighting of chamber enable continuous observation of suspended cells by means of microscope lens being connected by picture channel to computer. The software analyses the picture with respect to hybrid selection. The cells marked are planimctrically analysed during the time which was programmed. When the morphometric criteria are met suspended cells are pumped over to separate sections of incubator, where selective breeding of hybrids is carried out. Selection of hybrids takes place in electroosmosis gradient under morphometric control of cells in microcapillary systems.
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