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Journal of Achievements in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering

Tytuł artykułu

Quality management in development of hard coatings on cutting tools

Autorzy Soković, M. 
Treść / Zawartość
Warianty tytułu
Języki publikacji EN
EN Purpose: In this paper, an attempt is made to establish the general model of quality management also to the field of development and introducing of hard coatings on cutting tools. Design/methodology/approach: The conventional PVD and CVD methods have its limitations and that innovative processes are essential within the framework of an environmentally oriented quality management system. Meeting the requirements of ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 standards, the proposed model ensures the fulfilment of the basic requirements leading to the required quality of preparation processes and the quality of end products (hard coatings). Findings: One of the main pre-requisites for successful industrial production is the use of quality coated cutting tools with defined mechanical and technological properties. Therefore, for the development and introduction of new coated cutting tool (new combination of cutting material and hard coatings), it is necessary to carry out a number of studies with the purpose to optimize the coatings composition and processing procedures, and also to test new tools in working conditions. Research limitations/implications: The requirements from industry: produce faster, better, safety and more ecologically, force us to develop new effective tools and innovative technologies. This provides a technological challenge to the scientists and engineers and increases the importance of knowing several scientific disciplines. Practical implications: The quality of a company's product directly affects its competitive position, profitability and credibility in the market. Quality management system must undergo a process of continuous improvement, which extends from the deployment of preventive quality assurance methods to the application of closed loop quality circuits. Originality/value: Design of the original and structured model of quality management system for successful development, producing and involving of new coated tools in the practice.
Słowa kluczowe
PL warstwy cienkie   obróbka powierzchni   zarządzanie jakością   narzędzie skrawające  
EN thin coatings   surface treatment   quality management   cutting tools  
Wydawca International OCSCO World Press
Czasopismo Journal of Achievements in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering
Rocznik 2007
Tom Vol. 24, nr 1
Strony 421--429
Opis fizyczny Bibliogr. 23 poz., rys.
autor Soković, M.
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