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Journal of Achievements in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering

Tytuł artykułu

Diskrete-continuum methods application for rotating machine-absorber interaction analysis

Autorzy Stocko, Z.  Diveyev, B.  Topilnyckyj, V. 
Treść / Zawartość
Warianty tytułu
Konferencja 12th International Scientific Conference CAM3S'2006, 27-30th November 2006, Gliwice-Zakopane
Języki publikacji EN
EN Purpose: The main aim of this paper is improved dynamic vibration absorbers design with taking into accout complex rotating machines dynamic. Design/methodology/approach: The numerical schemes row is considered for the complex vibroexitated constructions. Methods of decomposition and the numerical schemes synthesis are considered on the basis of new methods of modal synthesis. Findings: Development of mathematical models of complicated machines and buildings in view of their interaction with system of dynamic vibration absorbers. Dynamic vibration absorbers - complicated rotating machines system design optimized on vibro- absorption properties. Research limitations/implications: The research must be done for non-linear rotor dynamics. Practical implications: The absorbers designed in accordance with this paper can be applied not only to electric machines or aeronautic structures, but to any other type of vibro-exitated structure, such as cars, chisel installation, optical, magneto-optical disks, washing machine, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, etc. Originality/value: The paper has novelty both in theoretical, and in practical aspect. In order that optimal parameters of DVA be determinate the complete modeling of dynamics of rotating machine should be made. Traditional design methodology, based on discontinuous models of structures and machines are not effective for high frequency vibration.
Słowa kluczowe
PL projektowanie inżynierskie   projektowanie techniczne   maszyna wirnikowa   analiza modalna  
EN engineering design   rotating machine   discreet-continuum theory   modal analysis   dynamic vibration absorber  
Wydawca International OCSCO World Press
Czasopismo Journal of Achievements in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering
Rocznik 2007
Tom Vol. 20, nr 1-2
Strony 387--390
Opis fizyczny Bibliogr. 13 poz., rys.
autor Stocko, Z.
autor Diveyev, B.
autor Topilnyckyj, V.
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