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Effect of strain rate on hot ductility of C-Mn-B steel

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Purpose: The aim of the paper is to determine the influence of hot deformation conditions on hot ductility and ó-ĺ curves of C-Mn-B steel. Design/methodology/approach: The force – energetic parameters of hot – working were determined in hot tensile tests performed in a temperature range of 700 to 1200°C by the use of Gleeble 3800 thermo – mechanical simulator with strain rate 0.01 s-1 and 6.5 s-1 After rupture the contractions of samples were measured. Samples were taken from columnar and equiaxed grains zone of continuously cast billet. Findings: Hot ductility curves as a measure of contraction in function of temperature of deformation for given strain rate and shape of the grains were established. At strain rate 6.5 s-1 there was no minimum of hot ductility for columnar grains and for equiaxed grains minimum of hot ductility was temperature 800 – 850°C (40%). At strain rate 0.01 s-1 and equiaxed grains minimum of the hot ductility (23%) was between 800 – 900°C and for columnar grains between 850-950°C at about 40%. Minimum of the hot ductility was usually in the vicinity of Ar3 temperature. Research limitations/implications: To determine in detail the hot ductility behaviour of C-Mn-B steel, a SEM investigations of rupture should be done. Practical implications: The obtained stress-strain curves can be useful in determination of power-force parameters of hot-rolling. Originality/value: The hot ductility behaviour of new-developed low carbon steel containing Boron microaddition was investigated.
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