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Trace fossil Artichnus pholeoides igen. nov. isp. nov. in Eocene turbidites, Polish Carpathians : possible ascription to holothurians

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A hitherto unknown trace fossil was found in some abundance in turbidites of the Polish Outer Carpathians. The occurrence is within the Hieroglyphic Beds of the Silesian Nappe, within the Szczyrzyc Synclinorium, of Middle Eocene age. The trace fossil is a wide, J-shaped structure having a narrow, upward tapering shaft as a connection to the seafloor. The distal end also tapers, to a blind termination. The burrow lumen is surrounded by an irregular spreite structure. The trace fossil is compared with the work of burrowing holothurians, which show some comparative features that suggest a tracemaker belonging to the Apodida.
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