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Vertical distribution of dominant cyanobacteria species in three lakes - evidence of tolerance to different turbulence and oxygen conditions

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The composition and abundance of cyanobacteria in three lakes of the Polesie Lubelskie (East Poland) were studied in summer periods. Vertical distribution of these algae was analysed in two depths - in epilimnion and deoxygenated metalimnion. Species composition and domination was similar for these two sites. It means that the species like: Limnothrix planctonica (Wołosz.) Meffert, Limnothrix redekei (Van Goor) Meffert, Planktothrixs agardhii (Gom.) Anagn. et Kom., Woronichinianaegeliana (Unger) Elenk. and Microcystis viridis (A. Braun in Rabenhorst) Lemm. are not affected by turbulence of water as well as by oxygen conditions.
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  • Department of Botany and Hydrobiology, Catholic University of Lublin, C. K. Norwida 4, 20-061 Lublin, Poland,
  • Department of Botany and Hydrobiology, Catholic University of Lublin, C. K. Norwida 4, 20-061 Lublin, Poland
  • Department of Botany and Hydrobiology, Catholic University of Lublin, C. K. Norwida 4, 20-061 Lublin, Poland
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