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Calorimetry compared with gas chromatography: are comparable molar heat capacities obtained by use of these two approaches?

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In this study molar heat capacities (Cp) were determined for aliphatic alcohols by using simple gas chromatographic data and mathematical models correctly derived from the laws and rules of physical chemistry and chromatography. The results obtained were compared with those derived by direct calorimetric measurement and with data calculated by use of the Kopp and Neumann rule. In this way an attempt was made to answer the question posed in the title of this paper–is the accuracy of the non-standard approach (even, if computationally rather complicated) comparable with that of the traditional measurement technique? From the results obtained it is clearly apparent that the results obtained by use of our novel approach are comparable with those originating from the other measurement and computational approaches. This paper is the latest in a series devoted to alternative methods for derivation of thermodynamic data from gas chromatographic results.
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