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On some new phenomena in state-constrained optimal control if ODEs as well as PDEs are involved

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In this paper we investigate a new class of optimal control problems with ODE as well as PDE constraints. We would like to call them "hypersonic rocket car problems", since they were inspired, on the one hand, by the well known rocket car problem from the early days of ODE optimal control, on the other hand by a recently investigated flight path trajectory optimization problem for a hypersonic aircraft. The hypersonic rocket car problems mimic the latter's coupling structure, yet in a strongly simplified form. They can therefore be seen as prototypes of ODE-PDE control problems. Due to their relative simplicity they allow to a certain degree to obtain analytical solutions and insights into the structure of the adjoints, which would currently be unthinkable with complex real life problems. Our main aim is to derive and verify the necessary optimality conditions. Most of the obtained results bear a lot of similarities with state constrained ODE optimal control problems, yet we also observed some new phenomena.
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