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Numerical analyses of the effectiveness of an integrated disc based piezoelectric sensor-actuator

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This paper deals with numerical analyses of plates vibration reduction effectiveness of an integrated disc based piezoelectric sensor-actuator compared to standard type disc based piezoelectric actuator. For that purpose 400 x 400 x 2 mm plate clamped on all sides was modelled with 2 piezo elements attached to it. One was a standard square based piezoelectric actuator used to excite the plate. The second one is disc based and can be either a standard element or an integrated sensor-actuator and is used for vibration reduction. The harmonic analyses were performed for the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th mode. Voltage used for plates excitation was always set to 100 V. The amplitude of voltage applied to the actuator was selected using internal ANSYS optimization procedures. The goal function for this was the minimum of the displacement vector sum of n nodes of the plate, with n having 3 possible values.
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