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Integrated solenoid inductor with magnetic core in a buck converter

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Scalony planarny dławik w zastosowaniu do przekształtnika
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In this paper, we discuss the design and modeling of a solenoid inductor with a magnetic core. The equivalent electrical model approved of the integrated solenoid inductor acquires into account the inductance and quality factor. The optimization of the inductance and quality factor values is based on the numerical analysis of the influence of the geometric parameters on the electrical characteristics of the solenoid inductor. The results simulation based on the MATLAB software. Finally, is discussing about the integrated solenoid inductor in a buck converter DC-DC, simulation results present by PSIM.
Przedstawiono projekt planarnego scalonego dławika. Analizowano parametry geometryczne pod kątem najlepszej dobroci cewki. Podzespół może być zintegrowany z układem przekształtnika.
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  • Electrical Engineering Department, Institute of Sciences and Technology, Ahmed Zabana University Centre, Relizane, Algeria
  • Electrical Engineering Department, Hassiba Benbouali University, LGEER Laboratory, Chlef, Algeria
  • Electrical Engineering Department, Hassiba Benbouali University, LGEER Laboratory, Chlef, Algeria
  • Electrical Engineering Department, Hassiba Benbouali University, LGEER Laboratory, Chlef, Algeria
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