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Evidence for a Causal Relationship Between Mach’s Principle and the Quantitative Latency for Universal Entanglement

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Support for Mach’s principle of the Prominence or the Immanence of the Universe which states that the behavior of any part of the Cosmos is determined by all of its parts requires quantitative convergence from the appropriate combination of universal parameters. Applications of recent calculations based upon a diffusivity with a real value (~1023 m•s-1) revealed solutions that are consistent with the concept of dragging inertial frames and geodetic (Lense-Thirring) precession. The latency for non-local entanglement around the earth is similar to frame dragging as measured by Ciufolini. The independent solution for this real value to capture Mach’s “whole universe” requires the contribution from quantum-level Zero Point Fluctuations. Consideration of this value for solar-terrestrial distances could explain the non-local “gravitational” effects upon biological reactions that appear to precede electromagnetic effects. The verification of the “entanglement latency” by independent methods could produce the validation for Mach’s principle.
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