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Convergence of Numbers of Synapses and Quantum Foci within Human Brain Space: Quantitative Implications of the Photon as the Source of Cognition

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Quantitative solutions involving classical methods indicated that the numbers of quantum foci within the human cerebrum are the same order of magnitude as the numbers of synapses in the cerebral cortices. The Bohr frequency for the magnitude of the quantum associated with the removal of one nucleus from another is within the range of the width of synapse (~1 μm) while the recoil energy from a rest mass photon is equivalent to the energy produced by the entire field of dynamic neurons per second. The intrinsic energy (10-20 J) associated with each action potential is similar to the gravitational potential energy from Planck’s mass applied across 1 μm. Both the endogenous cerebral magnetic field strength which is similar in magnitude to intergalactic intensities and the interaction between weak geomagnetic variations and the cerebrum’s electric dipole current are associated with photon flux densities in the order (10-11 W∙m-2) that have been measured in the laboratory. The perspective of the human cerebral volume as a field of foci of photon quanta offers different perspectives for the intrinsic nature of consciousness and cognition and their influence by phenomena from astronomical origins.
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