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Design of control system for active vibration suppression of trapezoidal plate

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An active vibration control system is proposed for suppressing the small amplitude plate vibration. The structure under study is a vibrating trapezoidal plate, having a constant thickness, to which MFC (Micro Fiber Composite) actuator is bonded. It was assumed, that the plate clamped at one edge is excited by a uniform periodic force generated by a loudspeaker. The control problem lies in using MFC actuator to reduce the plate vibrations. For the system under consideration the mathematical model obtained on the base of parametric identification method is constructed. This part of the research was done with the help of Polytec laser vibrometer. The apparatus is highly advanced tool that allows measurement of vibration of examined structure. With transfer function model obtained in identification process, using Matlabs Identification Toolbox, feedback control laws was created for changing response of the system in desired way. There are many ways to model controller having mathematical model of the object. In this article, authors propose approach to design an effective controller for vibration suppression of a trapezoidal plate with the use of the pole placement method in graphical SISOTool environment. This article describes concept, results of simulation tests and implementation for the designed controller.
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