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Study of influence of measuring system parameters to the value of active and reactive component of the substance electrical conductivity

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Electrical conductivity is an important electrical parameter of the substance, by which you can identify its quality characteristics. Determining the admittance of the substance is crucial. Admittance of the substance as an active element depends on its chemical composition, temperature, voltage that is applied to the measuring circuit and the frequency of the measuring signal. In this regard, it is advisable to carry out a series of experimental tests to determine the effect of these parameters on the admittance of the substance. The object of research is water from different sources of centralized drinking water supply. For theoretical analysis of admittance, water is seen as a multi-element two-terminal, placed in the electric circuit of alternating current. To reduce the methodological error, active and reactive components of electrical conductivity were researched in different frequencies ranges (from 50 Hz to 100 kHz). Investigation of the temperature dependence showed that the active and reactive components of the electrical conductivity are temperature dependent, but the reactive component is less sensitive to change. The dependence of the admittance of the frequency at different levels of the test signal is investigated. The article presents the graphical specification of changing admittance at the change of frequency, at different levels of the test signal. Also, the dependencies of active and reactive components were studied of the electrical conductivity of drinking water from changing test signal U at different frequencies.
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