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Tunability of discrete diffraction in photonic liquid crystal fibres

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In this paper theoretical and experimental results regarding discrete light propagation in photonic liquid crystal fibres (PLCFs) are presented. Particular interest is focused on tunability of the beam guidance obtained due to the variation in either external temperature or optical power (with assumption of thermal nonlinearity taking place in liquid crystals). Highly tunable (discrete) diffraction and thermal self-(de)focusing are studied and tested in experimental conditions. Specifically, spatial light localization and/or delocalization due to the change in tuning parameters are demonstrated, with possibility of discrete spatial (gap) soliton propagation in particular conditions. Results of numerical simulations (performed for the Gaussian beams of different widths and wavelengths) have been compared to those from experimental tests performed in the PLCFs of interest. Owning to the limit of experimental means, direct qualitative comparison was not quite accessible. Nevertheless, a qualitative agreement between theoretical and experimental data (obtained in analogous conditions) has been achieved, suggesting a compact and widely-accessible platform for the study of tunable linear (and nonlinear) discrete light propagation in two-dimensional systems. Proposed photonic structures are of a great potential for all-optical beam shaping and switching.
  • Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology, 75 Koszykowa Str., 00-662 Warsaw, Poland
  • Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology, 75 Koszykowa Str., 00–662 Warsaw, Poland
  • Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology, 75 Koszykowa Str., 00–662 Warsaw, Poland
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