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Zastosowanie mikrotomografii komputerowej do badania orientacji klastów w glinach lodowcowych

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Application of computed microtomography in clast orientation studies in glacial tills
Języki publikacji
Limitations of macroscopic measurements and observations of glacial tills, no matter how informative they are, have contributed to the development of micromorphological analysis first in thin sections, since the 80’s using X-ray computed tomography, and recently X-ray computed microtomography (μ-CT). The цCT has found wide applications in science including earth sciences where is used for imagining various geological samples in the 3D view. The sampling procedure and preparation of samples do not generate much effort, and eventually, allow analysis of samples with a preserved undisturbed structure. Herein, we present a short review and methodology of μCT as well as its application to the study of glacial tills. For example, we analyzed a subglacial till sample from the lee side of a drumlin located in the Stargard drumlin field area, NW Poland. The results show a distinctive bimodal pattern of clast fabrics which is interpreted as a result of subglacial till squeezing. Smaller clasts are obliquely oriented to the major direction of the ice flow whereas the larger clasts orientation is approximately in accordance with the major shear stress direction. Overall, our data emphasize the potential of the μ-CT in glacial till studies.
Opis fizyczny
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