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Popularity of e-shops during the COVID-19 pandemic

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More and more people decide to use e-shops to buy every-day products. Some people do it once a week, others a few times a year. Different customers buy different products. What's more, it can be noticed that the popularity of e-shops is growing every year. It is influenced by many factors, including lack of time, rush, high competition, convenience of shopping. Due to the appearance of the COVID-19 pandemic, which paralyzed practically the whole world, locked families in homes, customers started buying selected food, cosmetics and chemical products in stationery shops. Many restrictions have been introduced, including shopping restrictions. Many people chose e-shops instead of stationery shops. The purpose of the paper was to check whether the appearance of the COVID-19 pandemic had somehow changed the shopping habits of e-shops' customers. The survey created for of this article was used during the research.
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