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Transient recovery voltage analysis for various current breaking mathematical models: shunt reactor and capacitor bank de-energization study

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Electric arc is a complex phenomenon occurring during the current interruption process in the power system. Therefore performing digital simulations is often necessary to analyse transient conditions in power system during switching operations. This paper deals with the electric arc modelling and its implementation in simulation software for transient analyses during switching conditions in power system. Cassie, Cassie-Mayr as well as Schwarz-Avdonin equations describing the behaviour of the electric arc during the current interruption process have been implemented in EMTP-ATP simulation software and presented in this paper. The models developed have been used for transient simulations to analyse impact of the particular model and its parameters on Transient Recovery Voltage in different switching scenarios: during shunt reactor switching-off as well as during capacitor bank current switching-off. The selected simulation cases represent typical practical scenarios for inductive and capacitive currents breaking, respectively.
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  • ABB Corporate Research Center Starowiślna 13A, 31-038 Kraków, Poland
  • ABB Corporate Research Center Starowiślna 13A, 31-038 Kraków, Poland
  • ABB Corporate Research Center Starowiślna 13A, 31-038 Kraków, Poland
  • ABB Corporate Research Center Starowiślna 13A, 31-038 Kraków, Poland
  • ABB Corporate Research Center Starowiślna 13A, 31-038 Kraków, Poland
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