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Evaluation of strength of carrying metal structures of trailers

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Purpose: Development of a computational model of stress-strain state bearing elements of trailer frames for preliminary assessment and identification of areas with increased risk of failure. Design/methodology/approach: The object of the study is the processes of loading the load-bearing metal structures of trailers - fertilizer spreaders. The stress-strain state of the spreader bearing system is investigated for the established three typical cases of external load. To refine the values obtained as a result of modelling, they were determined in SOLIDWORKS. Findings: Computational models of load have been compiled by improving the method of minimum potential deformation energy for its effective correct use in analytical studies of a similar type of metal structures. It is proved that for a flat closed frame structure made of thin-walled profiles, loaded with forces perpendicular to the plane of the frame, the levelling of compression and shear energies, as well as axial and transverse forces and bending moments in the horizontal plane does not significantly affect the calculation results. Research limitations/implications: Horizontal components of the shear forces as well as the normal forces and as a consequence the corresponding potential deformation energy are neglected, which has some effect on the accuracy of the calculations. Practical implications: An effective tool for strength analysis with preliminary assessment and diagnostics of load-bearing metal structures based on the constructed calculation models of stress strain state load-bearing frames of typical geometry with an arbitrarily given distribution of external load. Originality/value: A universal algorithm for recording additive functions of bending and torques, as well as the potential deformation energy of welded frames of trailers.
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