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Seismic view on the svalbard passive continental margin

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Deep seismic sounding measurements were performed in the continent-ocean transition zone of the western Svalbard and Barents Sea margin, during the expeditions in 1985–2008. Seismic energy (airgun and TNT shots) was recorded along several profiles by onshore seismic stations and ocean bottom seismometers, and hydrophone systems. Good quality reflected and refracted P waves provided an excellent data base for a seismic modelling along the profiles. TNT sources were recorded even up to 300 km distances. A minimal depth of about 6 km of the Moho interface was found east of the Molloy Deep. The Moho discontinuity dips down to 28 km beneath the continental part of the northernmost profile and down to maximum 32 km beneath other profiles. The evolution of the region is considered to be within a shearrift tectonic setting. The continent-ocean transition zone along the northernmost profile is mostly dominated by extension; therefore, the last stage of the development of the margin can be classified as rifting. The uplifted Moho interface close to the Molloy Deep can be interpreted as a south-western end of the Molloy Ridge. The margin of the southern Spitsbergen is rather of sheared character while the western Barents Sea margin is of slow to ultraslow spreading type.
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